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Are you in need of an MOT test near Oadby for your vehicle?

At A&J MOTs, we understand the importance of ensuring your vehicle's roadworthiness and environmental compliance. As a vehicle owner in the United Kingdom, it's mandatory to undergo an MOT test annually once your car completes three years of registration. Driving legally on UK roads requires a valid MOT VT20 certificate.

Is your car's MOT due?

Feel free to reach out to us at A&J MOTs. We offer reliable MOT services in Leicester for almost every make and model of vehicle.

You can easily book a test through our website, contact us at 0116 229 1906, or visit our workshop at 10 Lutterworth Rd, Aylestone, Leicester LE2 8PE.

During an MOT test at A&J MOTs, our certified testers meticulously examine all vehicle components, adhering to legal guidelines. Following the examination, we issue either a VT20 or VT30 certificate based on the test results.

Vehicle Classification Under MOT:

  • Class 1 and Class 2 for motorbikes

  • Class 4 for taxis, passenger cars, ambulances, and minibuses with twelve or fewer seats

  • Class 5 for motor caravans, dual-purpose vehicles, and private hire vehicles with thirteen or more seats

  • Class 7 for goods vehicles with a gross weight of over 3000 kg to 3500 kg

Components Checked During MOT:

  • Vehicle Structure and Body

  • Wheels and Tyres

  • Brakes

  • Steering and Suspension

  • Exhaust System and Emissions

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Windscreen and Wipers

  • Lights (Headlights, Indicators, and Others)

  • Seats and Seatbelts

  • Horn

  • Towbar (if applicable)

  • Doors, and more

Classification of MOT Issues: There are three main classifications of vehicle issues under the MOT - Dangerous, Major, and Minor.

MOT Certification:

  • VT20: A VT20 certificate is issued if your car successfully passes the MOT with minor or no issues. Advisory notes may be provided for minor faults, allowing you to address them accordingly.

  • VT30: If major or dangerous issues affecting driving safety are detected, your vehicle will fail the test, and a VT30 certificate will be issued. Resolving all issues and conducting a partial re-test are necessary before you can resume driving.

Stop searching for "MOT centres near me" and choose A&J MOTs, your DVSA-approved service garage. We are here to assist you with reliable and thorough MOT services.

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